Analytical company IDC has summed up the results of the Russian smartphone market in 2018. Smartphone sales for the year exceeded 30 million units the second time in history, an increase of 17.3% in US dollars.

Samsung maintained its leadership in the smartphone market in 2018, with a share of 26%, but competition from Huawei very strong brand, Honor works particularly well in Russia and accounts for almost three quarters of sales, Huawei. Huawei’s growth comes at the expense of the small brands, and Samsung, which continues to hold a quarter of the smartphone market.

Total Huawei Honor hold 21% of the market. Apple ranked third with a share of 16%, the fourth is Xiaomi with 14%.

IDC analysts noted a very high rate of consolidation of the Russian market. Nearly four-fifths of all sales of smartphones based on Android accounted for three leading players. A year ago, the three leaders were less than three-fifths.

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