Experts from Consumer Reports, the publication of consumers Union of U.S., announced the list of the best smartphones in the world. First place was given to “their”.

Namely the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The smartphone received 95 points by the sum of the results of all tests. The second place gave iPhone 11 Pro (92 points), and the third — Samsung Galaxy S10+ (90 points). The youngest model in the series of smartphones from Apple — iPhone 11 — got 89 points and took eighth place, behind even the iPhone XS.

Experts praised the autonomy of the device-leaders of the rating. For example, the iPhone 11 Pro Max in their test lasted 40.5 hours. Also professionals like the smartphone camera, and the test of strength he was worthy. It was held that, by the way: the phone was placed in a small cell, which then started to spin.

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