Least smartphones are in cities such as Beloyarskiy (average 4287,49 rubles apiece), Tula (5046,48) and Berezniki (5484,62). About it it is spoken in Rosstat data for June 2019, which examined News.ru.

In addition, the lowest prices for the device observed in Isilkul (5577,13) and Bratsk (5662,24).

The Agency in its statistics involves smartphones in the medium price class with screen sizes from 3.5 to 6 inches, which is equipped with operating system Android or Windows built-in memory from 3.5 GB to 16 GB. Also, these devices must support one or two SIM-cards, memory cards have built-in Wi-Fi modules and Bluetooth.

Outsiders of the rating became Anadyr (18238,29 ruble), Gudermes (17748,24) and peace (16173,78). Somewhat smaller are smartphones in Novy Urengoy (14616,91) and Tynda (14455,45).

Russia’s average cost of gadgets equals 8494,54 rubles, and in Moscow — 11888,68 of the ruble. For the year smartphones became cheaper in June of last year they stood on average 8817,86 of the ruble.

The volume of Russian market of smartphones in 2018 amounted to 469 billion rubles, an increase of 17%. The largest increase was demonstrated by the segment of smartphones costing more than 40 thousand rubles (+49%).

Leading Russian retailers and mobile network operators note: smartphone sales last year increased an average of 2.5−3%.

As the analyst Telecom Daily Ilya Shatilin, the cost of smartphones of the same price class may be different in the regions because of the logistics.

Ilya Shatilin, analyst, Telecom Daily

The recommended retail price of a smartphone is the same. In fact, the difference in cost of delivery in certain regions. It is clear that in remote some regions to deliver them simply economically more expensive. In some regions people have more money, so they are less critical to the cost of the smartphone, relatively speaking, you can sell them with a higher margin. But again, in the Federal retail networks of branded stores price, usually in the regions is no different. Apparently, consideration was given to smaller local players who sell equipment or take into account the cost of the equipment delivery. That is, when buying in the online store.

According to the analyst, the cost of smartphones with the same characteristics becomes smaller.

“Every year you share the same characteristics is obtained at a lower price, because there is more modern hardware, which started to be used in high-end smartphones. You cannot sell the same hardware roughly several years for the same money”, — concluded Shatilin in conversation with News.ru.

At the end of II quarter, Samsung ranked first in sales of smartphones in Russia. Retailers attribute the success of the Korean brand is a good upgrade of the model range. In addition, the sales could be the result of restrictions Huawei from the US.

On the Korean company for the half year accounted for 30% of all unit sales. The total share of Huawei’s Honor line has reached about 33%, among the most popular brands besides Apple and Xiaomi went. Collectively sold more than 6.6 million pieces of gadgets worth $ 104 billion. The average price of the device amounted to 15.7 thousand.

Earlier, the Ministry of communications has prepared a draft amendment to the communications law, under which smartphone manufacturers may be required to deliver to Russia the gadgets with already-installed applications of Russian developers.

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