Retail sales of new iPhone will start on September 21. It is reported by the French resource iGen, citing informed sources in the local retail sector. Mentioned release date applies only to first-wave countries, in which Russia has traditionally not included.

Apple always starts sales of new iPhone models with a slight delay. Acting in secrecy, the company begins to bring new items to the stores only after their official presentation, in some cases, not managing to meet the demand.

Start receiving pre-orders for iPhone 2018

Despite the fact that official sales of the iPhone for the 2018 model year will begin on September 21, pre-orders start the 14th. Those who formattedvalue-order the new Apple, the parcel can be delivered for a couple of days before it appears in retail.

When will begin selling the new iPhone in Russia

Since Russia, as a rule, is not included in the list of first-wave countries, the Russian fans of the brand must have patience. Most likely, the smartphone will appear in the local retailers in early October. Those who want to get the coveted device before anyone will be able to use the services of middlemen.


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