Advanced exposure in the various fields represented in the main exhibition of the country since its opening in 1939. Official portal of the mayor of Moscow presented ten of the most unique exhibits that were included in the story of ENEA and her characters.

In particular, one of them is the sculptural group “worker and collective farm girl”. It was presented at the opening of the exhibition. Later in the Soviet Union and around the world the image of the worker and collective farm became quite famous, and in 1948 he appeared on the Intro of “Mosfilm”. Today, the group of sculptures is considered the unofficial symbol of the Soviet era.

In the same year, the exhibition showed the first Soviet diesel tractor “stalinets-65”. There were presented six different “Stalinists”. About the history of the first Soviet tractors you can learn more in the permanent exhibition “Between heaven and earth” in the center “Aerospace and aviation”.

Another unique exhibit is the tent of the explorers of the North — papanintsev. Previously it was located next to the pavilion “Soviet Arctic”, which burned down in 1941. The fire miraculously survived the Papanin’s tent that can be seen in the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic in St. Petersburg.

In 1957, just weeks after the successful launch of the first artificial satellite of the Earth, visitors of the exhibition were able to see an exact copy. The pavilion where he exhibited, for the first three months was visited by over 3.5 million people.

A decade later, in honor of 50-anniversary of the great October socialist revolution at ENEA provided a copy of the carrier rocket “Vostok” that took Yuri Gagarin into orbit.

In August 1980, shortly after the Olympics-80 in the exhibition “landed” Olympic bear — a symbol of the Games. His figure was placed in the pavilion “Young naturalists” from where he disappeared in the early 1990s.

In addition, the unique exhibition called the paintings of Soviet avant-garde, the nuclear reactor, the development of color television and Apple equipment, according to the official website of the Moscow mayor.

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