Analysts aggregator services electronics “Miracle of technology” owned by the mayor of the capital, called the smartphone brands, which are often handed over in repair in Moscow in April 2019, writes “Kommersant”.

So, the share of Apple accounted for over one third of repaired smartphones (33 percent) at second place is Samsung (18 percent).

It is also noted that over the past year dramatically increased the share of smartphones Chinese manufacturers (27 percent versus 17 percent in 2018). The leaders among them are Xiaomi smartphones (12 per cent) and Huawei (9.6 per cent).

The most repairable smartphones, the Apple iPhone 6, 5S, 5 and 6S, and among the models of the line Samsung — A5, S3 and A3. Among Chinese brands often hand over in repair Huawei Nova 2, Honor 8, Xiaomi Redmi Note and Redmi 4 4X.

The main issue at delivery in repair of smartphones Apple often becomes the failure of the battery (30% of cases), and the owners are Samsung treated the same problem in 17 percent of cases, and users of Chinese smartphones — 14%.

The Chinese brands are the most frequent cause of repair becomes the screen breaks (56% of cases) and is most often treated with questions on repair of the body of the smartphone (20 percent).

As for the cost of repair, the first place are the Xiaomi smartphones, the repair of which cost the owner on average 30 percent of the total cost is, on average, spend 25 percent of the price of the new smartphone and iPhone users — 13 per cent.

It is noted that the increase the damage to the owners of Chinese brands is associated with a sharp increase in their popularity among users, however, the owners of Huawei over the past year, less often as a percentage of the sales addressed to the service centers.

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