Unexpected rating.

The experts at cyber security company Appthority studied all of the popular modern apps and compiled a list of the most dangerous. It turned out that many really popular applications are extremely dangerous for its users. Thus, the most used in the world WhatsApp messenger has been voted the most dangerous for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

The threat to use the app on the iPhone called WhatsApp. The second spot is another popular worldwide messenger Facebook Messenger. In third place were the application Navigator Waze.

Users of Android smartphones should beware of those apps are WhatsApp and Facebook, and also located on the third place of the rating of the app Telegram messenger, which is officially blocked in Russia. The researchers stressed that neither before nor Telegram, nor Waze were not included in their lists of the most dangerous applications.

Experts believe these apps are dangerous because they do not meet all the safety regulations. In particular, the application can disable the encrypted HTTPS Protocol when sending various data, and send contacts to other users. In addition, applications can share server the geolocation companies, including private.

Source: AT.


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