Everyone should know the customer of the Bank.

In 2018, scammers have started to use many new ways of deception of clients of Sberbank. Official statistics yet, but judging by the numerous reviews, cyber criminals very successfully managed to introduce the Russians to mislead and steal money from them. What are the methods of fraud are the most dangerous? Told about them in this article.

Methods of fraud used really a lot — like a whole new, and modified old ones. Below, we highlight three of them which, according to the customers “savings” in social networks and specialized forums are not only used most often but also have a higher risk.

Calls from “support” evil

Perhaps the most dangerous method of fraud in 2018. Scammers have learned to use a VoIP services to spoof numbers when I call. The attackers change the room to one of those that belong to the Bank and making calls to customers of “Sberbank”. Due to this, they manage to introduce clients to confusion, even if the potential victims to be vigilant and check the phone number on the authenticity on the Internet.

During these calls, the scammers say that the money of the customer trying to withdraw from the Bank account. The attackers are clearly planned scheme. Initially, with the victim bound one “employee”, and if he believed that the call came from “savings”, is the transfer to another “more qualified specialist”. It also allows the scammers to confuse the victim.

Calls from the answering machine

The second risk method, too, involves a call from fraud to the client, “Sberbank”. But when the customer picks up the phone, he is responsible not the employee, and voice mail, which reports on suspicious transactions with his account and a temporary authorization of funds.

The fact that a person talking to an answering machine is confusing to many. Those caught in this trick the Bank’s customers believe that once during a call is played automatically generated message then it is sure comes from the Bank. In fact it is not. “Sberbank” and does not make such warnings from the answering machine, we need to remember this.

Threat Internet advertising

The third method is not associated with calls. In 2018, the Internet began to appear more and more ads which inform customers of “Sberbank” about various events associated with them. For example, a banner depicting the logo of the Bank, is informed that the user has received the award or won the “people’s lottery”. Or, as in the case with the previous method, the client is notified of the suspension of the account.

Such advertising can appear not only on questionable websites, but very reliable. In addition, advertising is often integrated into the mobile application. Because of this, many users react to it and pass on malicious links. As a result, the user’s smartphone can be installed a malicious application that sends codes to the fraudsters to withdraw money from the account of the client.

All of these methods are fraud, like many others, especially actively used right now, at the end of the year. Therefore, we encourage all readers to stay as vigilant.


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