So say the users.

There is absolutely a perfect device whenever any problem, but it will. The same applies to iPhone, which from generation to generation are a variety of problems. But was the iPhone that didn’t have any critical problems affecting users? In the discussion on the resource Quora users remembered all the massive problems with Apple’s smartphone and called the most hassle-free iPhone.

The most hassle-free iPhone

Users remembered the various problems the iPhone, but we have chosen only the real mass of them. Minor bugs manifesting only some of the users around the world, from the study were excluded. For example, the bug is in the latest iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone, which for some users could not start charging when connecting the Lightning cable is not included. Though he was highly publicized by the media, he appeared on a relatively small number of iPhones and was very promptly corrected.

Were not considered serious problems experienced by many users. New flagship Apple iPhone XS iPhone XS Max until recently, kept the lead. But in the end, after users remembered a really frequent problem with disabling Wi-Fi on smartphones, the leadership took iPhone SE.

Compact iPhone SE not found any serious “dirt”. The smartphone works without bugs, does not bend and will not turn off by itself. In the discussion on Quora most of the users also admitted iPhone SE one of the most successful smartphones in principle.

Whether iPhone 2 SE for the foreseeable future? There are no real prerequisites, there are only hints, but from Apple itself. Does the company have plans for SE iPhone 2 or not, we will know soon. If the company and present a new iPhone SE, do it at the upcoming March presentation.

Source: Quora.


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