Gaming service Steam shared how “iron” was the most popular among users and what software they are mainly used last June.

In the list of operating systems in the first place was Windows 10 64 bit. It is installed on computers 73,49% of all Steam users. In second place is Windows 7 (of 22.12%), the third — Windows 8.1 (of 2.84%).

As for CPUs, the leadership holds Intel (82,01%). The graphics card is dominated by chips from NVIDIA (75,53%). The most popular was the graphics accelerator GeForce GTX 1060 (16,01%).

Among users that have devices from Apple, the majority (52,62%) uses a MacBook Pro. In second place (net loss of 23.14%) is the MacBook Air.

Falls the number of users with computers on the basis of Quad-core processors and a growing number of owners of six-, eight— and dvenadcatiletnih systems.

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