The operator cloud telephony for business “Mango Telecom” found out what smartphones are the Russians often use for work. Showed obvious leader among the producers.

To determine the make and model of working phones, the experts of “Mango Telecom” used data on devices where the app is installed to connect the device to the corporate PBX. This means that the investigated smartphones are used for communication with clients or counterparties of companies, as well as for communication with colleagues.

It turned out that most of these devices — iPhone. They are used for work, almost half (41,6%) cases. In second place is a smartphone from Samsung, the third — Xiaomi, the fourth — Huawei. These manufacturers are considerably inferior to Apple.

If you look at the rating of specific models, the leadership becomes even more obvious. Interestingly, the share of old models of the iPhone 5s is almost equal to the proportion of new and expensive XS and XS Max:

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