The combined company “Coherent | Euronetwork” has analyzed the total sales in the Russian market of smartphones in the period from March to may 2019 and find out what smartphones are popular with the Russians this spring.

Vice President of sales at David Borzilov said: “This spring, especially popular among Russians enjoyed the Honor devices from Samsung, users are appreciated for reliability and quality. Consumer preference is increasingly shifting towards high-tech models, which contributes to higher average prices, showed an increase of 9% compared to the spring of 2018”.

Only from March to may this year in the Russian market has sold more than 6.3 million smartphones for a total amount of 103 billion rubles. The average cost of devices was 16 504 of the ruble.

Top 5 most popular smartphones in natural terms: 1. Honor 2 7A. Samsung Galaxy 3 J2. Samsung Galaxy 4 A50. Samsung Galaxy A10 5. Honor 10
The top 5 most popular smartphones in terms of money: 1. Samsung Galaxy A50 2. Apple iPhone 3 XR. Apple iPhone 8 PLUS 4. Apple iPhone 5 8. 8X Honor

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