B/iPhone again in the lead.

The site of free announcements Avito has published statistics on smartphone sales in the secondary market in 2018. According to official statistics Avito, the demand for used smartphones in Russia in 2018 increased markedly. The most popular models used Android smartphones, as last year was the iPhone and the device Samsung. However, no surprises, still not done.

B/iPhone incredibly popular

The Apple remained in his usual place leading the demand among Russians on the secondary market. iPhone re not interrupting much higher average price. According to official statistics Avito, the average price b/iPhone in 2018 amounted to 13 500 rubles, which is 3% higher than a year earlier.

Used smartphones from other manufacturers are much smaller. For comparison, located on the second place on the popularity of Samsung smartphones have an average price of 8720 roubles. Price b/Samsung smartphone for the year also increased, from 6%.

In 2018, the top five leaders in the secondary market of smartphones in Russia has changed dramatically. It first entered the Chinese company Xiaomi and Huawei, which is located on the third and fourth places respectively. The average price of a used Android smartphones Xiaomi equal to 8700 roubles, Huawei — 8790 roubles. The top five is Sony, whose used smartphones on the secondary market of Russia is very affordable — the average price of 5700 rubles.

Experts said that the emergence of Xiaomi and Huawei in the top five was entirely predictable. Russians are actively buying new smartphones Chinese manufacturers, exposing older devices on sale for a little money. And that is the low price of Chinese manufacturers of smartphones makes them attractive to buyers.


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