Is it dangerous to use them?

Analytics firm Statista has published a list of the radioactive smartphones popular models. Experts drew up the list, using the official data on the radiation level smartphones, which is defined by the Federal office for radiation protection Germany. In antireytinge discovered two Apple smartphone.

According to the published data, the most radioactive is a popular model Xiaomi Mi A1. Its radiation level is 1.73 W/kg, which is considerably higher than other smartphones. The five most “dangerous” includes smartphones OnePlus 5T — 1.68 watts/kg, Max Xiaomi Mi 3 — 1.58 W/kg, OnePlus 6T — 1.55 W/kg HTC U12 life of 1.48 W/kg.

In the rating there are two Apple smartphone. iPhone 7 with a radiation level of 1.38 W/kg is on the ninth line, the iPhone 8 with an index of 1.32 W/kg — at the fourteenth position.

However, to call these smartphones threat will not succeed. Valid levels of radiation that is safe for people, equal to 2 W/kg. This means that even with radioactive smartphone from Xiaomi poses no threat in daily use.

Source: Statista.


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