iPhone XR was the best-selling smartphone in the world in the first half of 2019, the report of the analytical Agency IHS Markit. This publication reports CNet. During the reporting period, Apple sold a total of 26.9 million smartphones of this model. CNet notes that the iPhone XR though the cheapest model in the line of Apple 2018, but the cost is high — $749 (49,5 thousand rbl.). Second place in the list of best-selling smartphones took Samsung Galaxy A10. Its volume of sales was less than half that of the iPhone XR — 13.4 million devices. Three leaders closes Samsung Samsung Galaxy A50 (12 million). Next in descending order are IPhone 8 (10.3 million), Xiaomi Redmi 6A (10 million) and Redmi Note 7 (10 million), Galaxy Core J2 (9.9 million), Oppo A5 (9.7 million (iPhone Xs Max (9.6 million) and Galaxy A30 (9.2 million).

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