The wait is long.

Mobile operators MTS, MegaFon, Beeline and Tele2 officially announced that by September 1, 2018 fully cancels intranet roaming in Russia. At the same time, operators will try to manage to fulfill the requirement of the Federal Antimonopoly service as early as possible. This was reported by TASS with reference to the representatives of the operators.

Complete abolition of roaming at operators “the big four” will take place no later than September 1, 2018. “Beeline” has ceased to charge for incoming calls outside your home area today, August 20. “MegaFon” and MTS will waive roaming charges on 30 August, and Tele2 — August 31. Thus, from September 1, 2018 subscribers of all leading Russian operators will no longer receive a huge bill for incoming calls when travelling in Russia.

It is noteworthy that none of the operators are yet to name the exact timing of implementation of other requirements of the FAS. The Agency wants operators change tariff plans so that payment for them was the same in all regions. Representatives of the operators has admitted that the implementation of such will take time because the task is not simple. However, any time they called.

Source: TASS.


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