New cheap Apple tablet on the way.

seventh generation iPad, aka iPad 2019, will be released in late March, said intelligence sources of the Japanese publication Mac Otakara. According to insiders, the tablet will have a design identical to iPad 2018 and will retain a 3.5 mm audio Jack. The price of iPad 2019 will remain at the level of its predecessor and at $329 or 414 from 25 rubles for the Russian market for the base model.

The new iPad 2019

According to new information, 2019 iPad will have a 9.7-inch display like the previous model iPad 2018. Thus, a new leak refutes previous data on Apple’s plans to refresh its look and feel of the tablet available and equip it with a 10.2-inch display with a reduced framework.

In 2019 will be saved iPad the fingerprint scanner Touch ID and a 3.5 mm audio Jack. Like last year, the refresh will affect the hardware part. It is expected that iPad 2019 be equipped with a more powerful processor and increased RAM memory. It is not excluded, and other hardware improvements, information about that yet.

Apple should introduce iPad to 2019 presentation at the end of March. Of the many leaks we know that the most likely date for the presentation is March 25. However, at the moment Apple haven’t officially announced their first presentation this year.

The price of iPad 2019 will not change compared with iPad 2018. The tablet will be sold at a price of 25 414 rubles in Russia in that case, if Apple does not recalculate the cost of the device on the background of recent statements by Tim cook about the company’s intention to offer more affordable prices in countries with sagging against the dollar in the local currency.

Recall that currently the unusual price of 25 rubles 414 installed on the iPad 2018 officially in the Apple online store. Price became “ugly” after Apple raised the cost of its equipment in Russia due to the fall of the ruble in the fall of 2018.

Source: Mac Otakara.


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