Experts believe that the problem is Samsung.

According to recently published by the information, Apple has no plans to significantly change the design of the iPhone in 2019. Large-scale innovations in terms of design the company has planned only for 2020, when Apple released the first iPhone with a hole for the front camera in the display. Today, experts told Forbes, why the “leaky” iPhone is delayed and will be released much later than counterparts from other manufacturers.

According to experts Forbes, Apple was in a very unpleasant situation. It is the main supplier of display panels, Samsung has announced the launch of several smartphones with the holes in the display. All new Samsung smartphones will be released in large quantities, because the production capacity of Korean companies will focus on them.

Because of this, Samsung will not be able to supply Apple display panels with openings before 2020. In this regard, Apple will release the first fully frameless iPhone next year. However, it should be noted that Apple plans actually not been confirmed. And some analysts even believe that Apple did not intend to follow the trend and does not plan to release the iPhone with a hole in the display. According to one version, Apple intends to integrate the front camera and sensors directly into the display of the new iPhone.

Source: Forbes.


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