Many guessed what was going on.

Today, on October 26, Apple released the iPhone XR — your new smartphone with a 6.1-inch LCD display. Immediately after the release of the iPhone XR was compared with other smartphones, including the flagship iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. During the comparisons it was found out, what place iPhone XR weakest. Is the display.

Reviewers and ordinary users compared with iPhone iPhone XR XS and XS iPhone Max for all possible parameters. iPhone XR pleased with the battery life, performance and image quality, which, suddenly, almost at the same level with the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. Newly minted iPhone owners XR stress that they are completely satisfied with the smartphone, especially its appearance — the phone is available in six fancy colours.

However, in the independent comparisons, it became known that the iPhone’s display XR, though is the best LCD screen on smartphones, but inferior in image quality OLED models. And it gives much. The following photos show the side by side iPhone XR (top) and iPhone XS Max (bottom).

The difference in image is quite striking. LCD display seems not just less bright. Detailing is really lame compared to the OLED screen of the iPhone XS Max. Because of this, the picture on the iPhone even the XR looks a bit blurry.

Of course, most users will notice a serious difference only in direct comparison of the two smartphones close to each other. However, more experienced users will certainly not be satisfied with this state of Affairs.


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