In celebration of the world day of the Emoji Apple and Google introduced preview of new emojis that will appear in new versions of their mobile platforms in the fall of 2019. All of them are created on the basis of the approved characters in the Unicode specification 12.0.

A new set of emojis include more food, more species and more different types of people.

For example, the options presented a curious difference in the display of Emoji for iOS and Android. For example, Apple clearly hates falafel, otherwise why the dish looks on Emoji for iOS not appetizing famous “kakahi”? Google, on the other hand, some of the designers clearly ate falafel and the dish came out quite edible. Oil also looks much more appetizing than the Apple than in the performance of Google.

A similar difference can be observed in the section with the animals. Significantly different execution of the APE and skunk. The skunk APE and Apple just busy with their own Affairs, Google the primacy of something very surprised, but the skunk looks very conceited.

Special mention deserve the image of people with disabilities. The company, among other things, said the blind man with a cane, a seeing-eye dog, robot arm and wheelchair.

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