Employees Salery.ru conducted a study in which analyzed the main reasons for the rapid demise of smartphones after purchase. Based on the data they have published a set of rules which can easily extend the life of their devices.

In short, the rules consist of four points: it is necessary to properly care for your smartphone battery, do not subject it to mechanical impacts, to monitor the temperature at which the device operates, and to only install the correct firmware update of the smartphone. Thus, during the charging of the gadget is unacceptable to put the phone under the pillow or near sources of high temperature. Apple, for example, recommends to remove the protective covers from the device when charging, as they impede the dissipation of heat from the iPhone.

In addition, it is recommended not to reduce the charge level below 15% and need to charge to the level of 70-80%. You should also monitor safety smartphone when it is in the bathroom, back pocket, on the couch, in the garage, etc. in cases when the smartphone is in one of these places, it is as vulnerable to breakage caused by mechanical impact. Experts advise to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight at the smartphone, as high temperatures can cause overheating and damage the battery. What about the software part of your device, here’s the trick. As smartphone manufacturers believe that the life cycle of a smartphone is two years, experts have advised izbegaet updates phone after the release of the last two generations, it will allow to avoid problems with the speed of the gadget.

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