NASA has compiled a list of 12 women astronauts, who have the first chance to set foot on the lunar surface, writes the Daily Mail.

Back to the moon, the Agency plans to 2024. On Board the first ship, according to NASA, must be a woman.

This can be Anne McClain, who is now on the ISS and must return on June 25.

Another favorite — engineer Christina Koch, who also is now working on the ISS. It is planned that this time she will spend in space for a total of 328 days. It will be an absolute record among women and the second result after astronaut Scott Kelly, who stayed in orbit 340 days.

Two more contestants — biologist Jessica Meir and Nicole Mann pilots who are currently undergoing training to be sent to the ISS.

In 2016, all four women declared that they are ready to go to Mars, so most likely will not object to the moon.

Or NASA can stop your choice on the Sunita Williams, an experienced astronaute, which will soon go into space for the third time. However, in 2024 she’ll be 58 years old. But, considering that astronaut John Glenn was 77 when he flew in space, age is not a hindrance.

Recall that recently Apple has released the debut trailer of the documentary about the landing of Soviet cosmonauts on the moon.

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