Already taking a bottle of warm Heineken, Jim Gaffigan bent over to see kind of a table in the dressing room of the theater “an Grianan” in the town of Letterkenny in the North of Ireland. Summer evenings are never too hot, but today is warm enough to turn on the air conditioner, although usually in the theater almost never use it. In General, the situation is far from glamorous. Anyway, glamour is not about Gaffigan.

“Jim Gaffigan does not particularly excite,” admits the comedian. — “I am no longer young, without the gorgeous hair, not in shape. And not having lunch with Kanye.”

Fortunately, Jim knows how to laugh. It can confirm more than 300 000 spectators in 15 countries, paid an average of $56 to listen to his new program. 53-year-old father of five children touring schedule was not easy: over the past year he has traveled to over 75 cities, including small towns like Letterkenny, where they live 20,000 people.

This may seem like a drop in the ocean, but these places is a breeding ground for business Gaffigan. This year he earned $30 million and took the third place in the ranking of the highest paid stand-up comedians Forbes. Half of the earnings from ticket sales to performances, the rest — through the dissemination of jokes in other ways. In this business, if jokes are pretty funny, and the audience reach is wide enough, you can cook for the audience halls more. In combination with the correct distribution of jokes can give a disproportionately larger income. However, it’s not so simple.

“In the field of entertainment every initiative — if the house of ice, which soon melts. Therefore it is always necessary to build a new home,” explains Gaffigan.

And he builds. In 2016, he agreed to partner with Netflix — the site where almost every Stendera Forbes has his own show. Last year, Gaffigan gone from the streaming giant, signing a contract with independent production company the Comedy Dynamics.

Gaffigan can be seen in the first original stand-up shows on Prime Video service from Amazon, who also decided to go into Comedy. The first series of performances called Quality Time (“Time good”) appeared in the platform directory on August 16, and after a two-year exclusive contract shows you can watch on other sites.

Start a career as Gaffigan Stendera is at the beginning of the 90s, when the main abode of the stand-up scenes were HBO and the cable network Comedy Central took the first steps. In 2000 he received the green light to manufacture its own sitcom, and this is then sought all the comics. The creators of the legendary “Seinfeld” and “Rosanna” made their fortunes this way: when aired for several seasons, they have sold their other channels to re-broadcast.

Sitcom Gaffigan was long, but six years later he had a second chance. He created a new show for Comedy Central called Beyond the Pale (eng. “Pale pale”), which was much more successful.

However, a break in the career Gaffigan was associated with digitalm. At that time new rules of the game were asked by YouTube, which gave comedians an excellent platform to reach new audiences around the world. Then came Twitter, which allowed in real time to assess who the users of interesting actually. Then began the era of streaming Netflix. Future giant saw in the Comedy an inexpensive and effective way to get subscribers. Some comedians, such as Louis C. K., used streaming as a tool for distribution of their shows can be purchased on the streaming service directly.

According to Wayne Federman, comedian, and teacher of the history of stand-at the University of southern California, “then, new technology and overtook the world of stand-and we are still trying to understand what is going on”.

The first show Gaffigan on Netflix released in 2017. Then it was a promising panel: comedians like Aziz Ansari and Ali Won, became superstars thanks to his show on Netflix. And such legends as stand-Dave Chappell and Jerry Seinfeld, according to some estimates, earned $60 million and $100 million, respectively on long-term contracts with the company. Gaffigan sold Netflix my first show Cinco for a more modest seven-figure sum.

It was not just a check, and direct access to a potential audience of almost 94 million viewers. Since the base of subscribers to the service increased and the volume of his “Comedy” catalog. Now on the streaming platform are available more than four times the original stand-up show than at the time you enter Cinco. Thus, to attract the attention of potential viewers increasingly difficult. On the other hand, services usually retain their original shows in the catalog forever, and that goes for Cinco. Advance payment is, of course, good, but in this case it is impossible to receive payments after the premiere.

Their next show Noble Ape (“Noble monkey”), directed together with his wife Jeannie, the comedian decided to test the waters in the new territory. Comedy Dinamics bought the rights to the show and made it accessible anywhere where there was Netflix. The show was shown in theaters, it can be watch on different platforms — iTunes, YouTube and VUDU from Walmart. The show was also shown on Comedy Central and Prime Video. The General Director of Comedy Dynamics Brian Folk-Weiss says that the show began to show even on airplanes and cruise ships. Advance payment Gaffigan from Comedy Dynamics was much less than that of Netflix, however, the wide distribution channels have allowed him to earn royalties after release. According to Forbes, the comedian earned a total of about $10 million in addition, the approach of the new services from Apple, Warner Media, NBC Universal and Disney. Some of them probably will want to fill up your catalog, inexpensive to manufacture, but popular stand-up show.

In the stuffy backstage in Letterkenny gaffigan reads the new material tried out on stage. The audience is very well-came a joke about the absurdity of the roads of Ireland, and the joke about the English language was a bit awkward. But failed proven classics: “My dad never went to parent-teacher meetings, he didn’t even know that I am learning in school.”

The comedian is well aware: although Amazon and managed to achieve critical praise for shows like “the Amazing Mrs. Meisel” and “Obvious”, the main aim of the Corporation is to sell. In the next five years he plans to release three stand-up shows and probably appreciate how a good partner would be an online retailer and perhaps even a halfway decide that you need to look for other companions.

Gaffigan concludes: “I came to Amazon to score a new audience. Most likely, I’ll be pleasantly surprised, this is, after all, a huge Corporation. And they make more money on any toes”.

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