In the conflict over the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei has embroiled NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the Alliance fear that the firm may spy on their customers, writes Defense News.

“Some NATO members expressed their concerns about Huawei and its role in the provision of 5G. And, of course, NATO is taking these concerns seriously,” — the words of Stoltenberg RT.

Defense News writes that some officials in the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump tried to convince him to sign a decree that will ban American companies to purchase equipment from Huawei, and the head of the joint command of NATO forces in Europe Curtis Scaparotti has threatened to stop contact with German colleagues, if Berlin is to use the services of a Chinese company to create a 5G network.

Huawei competes with Apple and Samsung in the market of mobile devices and in the field of superiority in the technology of 5G, but a number of governments have already banned the Chinese company to supply the equipment due to concerns for the security mode. Huawei denies allegations of espionage.

Stoltenberg noted that NATO consultations over possible ban Huawei.

“It’s partly commercial and economic issue, but it may also be consequences from the point of view of security. Therefore, we will deal with this issue and find out how NATO can best solve the problems in terms of infrastructure 5G,” — said Stoltenberg.

Earlier this week, edition of the Wall Street Journal said that the relations between China and the United States “opened a new front in the struggle for control of global networks that provides the Internet.”

VZGLYAD talked in detail about the attempts of the US to prevent China to deploy worldwide mobile communication system of the fifth generation (5G) for Huawei equipment.

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