In Saratov police of the Kirov area of Saratov have caught 4 Oct resident of the village of Zaton. committed the robbery.

The attacker took away the schoolboy “Apple iPhone SE”. As reported “AIF-Saratov” in GU MVD in the region, about the crime said on 24 August, 39-year-old unemployed Saratovka. saying that at the house № 167 Zarubina street near the shopping center “Triumph Mall” from her 17-year-old son took the gadget. The sophomore gave up, fearing a beating, the expensive mobile phone in 17000 roubles. In the framework of the criminal case on 31 August detained 18-the summer citizen.

October 4, caught his accomplice of the same age from the village of Storozhevka Tatishchev district. The offender confessed to the robbery.

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