More than 1.9 million users have installed on their mobile devices the app “Metro of Moscow” in the two years since the launch of the project. About this Agency city news “Moscow” said the first Deputy head of the Moscow metro, strategic development and client work Roman Latypov. “In the two years since the launch of the application “Metro of Moscow” it has installed over 1.9 million users. The number of downloads grows every day for 3-4 thousand Most passengers open the “Metro of Moscow” to build the itinerary. Other popular topics — travel and news about the work of underground”, — said R. Latypov.

According to him, on average, users spend in the app “Metro of Moscow” about 45 seconds per session. In service, you can recharge the card “Troika” with the help of payment service Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, and record a preferential subscription on the social card for the subway and ground transportation. Through push notifications users can be the first to learn about the introduction of new stations and scheduled repairs.

Earlier, Deputy Moscow mayor, head of the Moscow Department of transport and development dorozhno-a transport infrastructure Maxim Liksutov reported that monthly passengers lay about 2 million routes in the Metropolitan subway using this service. The most popular departure points of passengers have become final or close to final station.

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