Many airlines are allowed to transport animals in the cargo hold, where often even the temperature is not regulated. In the room you can take the cat, dog, or feathered friend, but in special hutches.

But to carry the animal without cages and pet, you need to prove that it is the emotional support. And if so, then welcome aboard even unusual animals. They help to postpone the flight to their owners, suffering from various mental disorders such as aerophobia.

Netizens shared photos of strange neighbors in the planes.

Source: Bored Panda

“You, too, hate it when strangers want you to share your snack?”

“The first flight rocky”.

“This is corporal Kiddie. She is retiring after 12 years working with the US Marines. I made an announcement to congratulate her on retiring. The audience burst into applause.”

“The passenger next to me is trying to start a conversation”.

“This guy and the dog is held in this position for more than two hours.”

“Someone brought aboard a horse named Apple as emotional support.”

“Koala receives a first class service”.

“Daniel — emotional support, seen recently on Board in Asheville”.

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