The Russian technology company “Yandex” releases its own smartphone. Analysts are skeptical, but to underestimate “Yandex” it is impossible.

Russian Internet group decided to step into the world of hardware and wants to enter the smartphone market. The company introduced Wednesday a private telephone, which on Thursday should go on sale at a price 17990 RUB “Yandex” as the largest Internet company in the country, it combines the business model of Google (Google), “Uber” (Uber) and “Amazon” (Amazon). The company owns the most popular search system, online market with the largest turnover and the most popular taxi service.

And here is the concern by launching a new smartphone wants to become a Russian “Apple” (Apple). But the device, unlike the iPhone, does not have an operating system or a private app store. The smartphone runs on OS Android (Android) Google. The main application of “Yandex” it is already preinstalled. The main “trick” the phone — voice assistant “Alice”, which will further bring together users with an environment of “Yandex”, as noted by the Vice-President of the company Fedor Ezhov during the presentation of the phone.

Experts are not so euphoric, as “Yandex”. Russian analyst and expert in mobile technologies Eldar Murtazin in his blog criticized a new phone. The technology is outdated, overpriced, and smartphone assembled in China on the principle of design, he commented. Other Internet companies have in the past attempted to release its own smartphone — and did not succeed. So, the phone is “Facebook” (Facebook) quickly disappeared from the horizon, like the draft of the Chinese smartphone giants “Tencent” (Tencent) and Baidu (Baidu).

In Russia the smartphone market is highly competitive. “Huawei” (Huawei) and Samsung (Samsung), according to the analytical companies, “international data Corporation” (IDC), are fighting for market leadership. Both companies in the third quarter has delivered more than two million units and occupy half of the market. But the Russian market is relatively small. Worldwide from July to September has sold nearly 390 million smartphones, according to analysts. In addition, Russian consumers on smartphones spend an average of two times less than people in Western Europe.

But “Yandex” do not immediately write off. The company has very strong positions in Russia, she is showing rapid growth. In the third quarter turnover compared with the previous year increased by 44 per cent to 32.6 billion rubles. If the company will be able to accelerate the growth thanks to a new smartphone, its position will be strengthened, and then rapid growth can continue.

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