Author resource XDA Max Weinbach shared details of the new AirPods wireless headphones. The accessory can fully charge from the wireless charging in a very short time — 15 minutes.

And this will affect both the headphone and the case. According to the journalist, probably Apple has turned to Qi technology. Reducing recharge time, the developers sacrificed the weight of the case: it will be bigger and heavier than the original.

Earlier reported that the announcement of the new AirPods slated for March 29, as the 28-th of the life cycle of the first wireless headphone to end, and the next day they are replaced by a new generation. The design of the gadget, not counting the new cover will remain virtually identical to the original, but with a different filling. The developers will improve the quality of the bass and add more sensors, including for monitoring heart rate. New AirPods come in two colors (white and black), and their price will be about $200.

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