New album, Ariana Grande has set several records Apple Music
The album of Ariana Grande “thank u, next” (thank you) set two records on Apple Music from the moment he made his debut last Friday: the most popular stream pop album on the first day and most beloved broadcast female artist on the first day. Unfortunately, none of the indicators does not contain specific figures, but the record awards speak not only about the success of the Grande as an artist — they also talk about the rapidly growing database of subscribers to Apple Music.

Below you can listen to the album Ariana Grande thank u, next

Over the past year, Apple increasingly has released statistics about streaming music to boast of how successful it may be, its existence for large musicians. In June last year, Apple announced that Drake set a record for streaming albums the first day, cracking the Scorpion with the figure of 170 million. As far as we know, this is still a record. It seems that there are no data on the first casting of female singers, but in April last year Apple said that Cardi B surpassed the previous record by Taylor swift for the number of stream transmission for the first week, a total of 100 million.

Photo Ariana Grande

The context here is not only that these artists are huge hits and that Apple Music continues to grow. When the record was set Cardi B, Apple Music just won 40 million subscribers. As of last month, the service has 56 million subscribers. This latter figure includes both paid subscribers and people who participate in the free tests, which Apple actively promotes. The service is now included in some plans Verizon probably pushing the subscriber’s account is much higher.

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