New Apple patent hints at a flip phone
As soon as Samsung and Huawei are approaching the release of their folding phones, it seems that Apple may eventually follow suit. The company filed a patent for a device with a flexible display and a hinge — suggesting that Apple is at least exploring the possibility of creating a flexible smartphone.

The patent shows a foldable phone in the style of the clamshell, which will be a little different from other developed. Indeed, it looks like a device with a display that can be folded to best fit in someone’s pocket and not as a device that can be folded to offer a larger display. However, there are important underlying technology, not the form factor of the device in the patent images, so it is likely that the device will have a slightly different form factor.

In the patent Apple describes the use of hinge-based triple or chetyrehbalnoy connection. The patent also States that flexible displays can be installed on the device, overlapping the joints and essentially hiding them from the eyes. The display can be bent, creating a device with a flexible display.

By itself, the patent is a continuation of a number of different patents from 2011 — which, obviously, long before the concept of a folding phone was even relevant. Because of this, it makes sense that the images will look a bit strange, in the end, the underlying technology is probably still relevant, even if the use is not as important in the future.

The patent also mentions the use of technologies such as OLED, and mentioned that the two sides of the device are substantially separated, connected only by a hinge and a flexible display. In other words, not necessarily the chipset, or another technology that works through both parts of the phone.

Of course, it will be interesting to see whether Apple sees the trend of folding phones or not. There are a number of rumors about the folding phones of Apple and analysts have even suggested that folding phones under the brand Apple could be released by 2020.

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