At the end of July 2018, Apple opened a new branded retail store in Piazza Liberty. It is located on one of the squares of Milan, is a modern amphitheatre.

Now the architectural ensemble of the Freedom Square of Milan adorn the glass cube, which is one of the entrances to the Apple Store and the waterfall.

This object became the first Italian retail stores Apple is made in new design concepts. Inside there was a place for all the traditional attributes of the company’s and demonstration tables, and Genius Grove Today at Apple.

In the renovated space will host lectures, concerts and other public events, helping to shape around the Apple Store and its particular community.

Inside the store you can find works by 21 local artist, with whom Apple worked closely in preparation for the opening.

To work in the new store, Apple has hired 230 employees, many of them previously worked at the Apple Store in other countries. Given Piazza Liberty of the Corporation, there are 17 private retail outlets in Italy.

Guests who came to the opening, received as a gift memorable Souvenirs decorated with the works of local artists and were able to communicate with Angela Ahrendts, who personally visits all the significant retail sites.


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