Apple Watch, like any other modern device have a mode “do Not disturb” that blocks notifications of incoming messages and calls on “smart” watches. However, if you believe recent reports, wearable device from Apple can get more elaborate version of the mode “do Not disturb” called “Schooltime Mode”.

According to a report by MacRumors, “Schooltime Mode” will be very similar to what is now the mode “do Not disturb” in the sense that he will be able to block notifications, but apart from that the new regime will also block the user access to applications and “smart” functions that will make the Apple Watch to an ordinary watch that show only time. At least in that moment, while the user is in school.

Most likely, a new feature designed to extend the reach of “smart” hours from Apple, thus showing parents that they don’t have to worry about the concentration of their children during their studies because they have the Apple Watch. Most likely, the new feature will be available on the new generation of the device that it is possible to show during the presentation on September 10. Recall that the event, which takes place in the name of Steve jobs will be primarily concentrated on the announcement of new generation iPhone.

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