On the Russian market a new Automagnetola SPH-DA130DAB.

What’s new? In the first place, in addition to supporting FLAC and MKV, radio boasts a waiver of laser discs as “last century”, in return, was added the function of reading data through a USB port, coupled with a Bluetooth beacon. And the function AndroidConnect helps with interaction with modern gadgets. Implemented interaction with Apple CarPlay that will allow you to use Siri! There were also the first feedback from car owners, here’s one:

“Had installed radio Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB, for Hyundai H1. Installing was a little problem, need a frame, after the installation it turned out that the buttons do not work the helm. Searched the Internet, found the universal adapter (2 thousand and 1 thousand adapter install) now everything works on 5. The frame was bought for $ 3600. I immediately felt that the sound, with the standard radio not compare. Really liked the fact that there are five colors of illumination that highlight! Well catches radio channels! The sound is simply super! Still not all figured out!”

Judging from the reviews, car liking the user that allows to give a positive answer about whether you will have it like our motorists. But the claimed functionality is definitely worth it.

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