This column may get to Russia.

Apple is in the process of developing a new model of “smart” speakers HomePod. According to the published Apple patent, column HomePod next-generation system for gesture recognition and support for the face detection Face ID.

Apple developers are considering the possibility of equipping the following models HomePod unusual for smart columns functions. Apple has created a special tracking system of gestures, which makes it easier to control the functions of the speakers. As planned by Apple, column will be able to determine the movements of the hands, with which users can, for example, to quickly turn off the music, while at the other end of the room.

Also, Apple is considering equipping HomePod supports facial recognition Face ID. The necessity of such a reliable lock HomePod from unauthorized access, you may need to use the new features column.

No specific plans about the release of a new generation HomePod at the moment no. Earlier it was reported that in 2019, Apple may release a new compact and cheaper version of the HomePod Mini. It is possible that it will support the Russian language and will be officially sold in Russia.

Source: MR.


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