If you believe the rumors, the iOS 13 Apple will make a number of changes to the appearance of its mobile operating system. In particular, the cupertinos have to recycle desktops. However, the designer Leo Wallet offers the Apple to go further and together with desktops to change a number of other elements of the system. For example, the control Center, the volume slider etc.

Recently Wallet shared their concept yet unannounced Apple’s mobile operating system. Judging by the available images, the designer suggests to combine the multitasking view and control Center. Thus, the author of the concept iOS 13 wants to simplify the process of interaction with the mobile device.

In addition Wallet offers Apple to release a new Magic Mouse that can connect to the iPad as fast as Apple branded wireless headphones. Use along with the tablet, the external manipulator can be useful, if the rumors about the imminent release of universal applications for iOS and macOS would be true.

It is expected that the official announcement of the new Apple’s mobile operating system held in early June at the conference WWDC 2019. It is expected that the new iOS version will bring a lot of innovations since last year when working on iOS 12 Apple rejected a number of ideas, deciding to focus on speed and stability of OSes.


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