Recently, well-known developed by Guilherme Rambo, who from time to time to share information about new Apple products, told about all features of the upcoming major iOS updates. The latter shall be presented in the framework of the WWDC 2019.

Dark theme

One of the main features of iOS 13 can be a dark mode. It will work by analogy with the night mode in macOS and change the interface, not only OS, but also third-party applications. Most likely, the developers will be the appropriate API for the realization of this possibility.

Interaction with Windows on iPad

In iOS cupertinos 13 process the process of interacting with open apps. Users should be able to create a window of some elements in the app and move them around the screen.

Safari and Mail

According to sources, the cupertinos are planning to process a few standard apps. In particular, Safari on the iPad will start the default to open desktop versions of sites, and the standard mail client will receive additional opportunities for organizing messages in accordance with their subjects, as well as new tools such as a delayed read.

Other changes

Other changes in iOS 13 include a new gesture to cancel the input. Especially convenient it will be on the iPad. According to sources, to cancel the input, users will need to hold three fingers across the keyboard from right to left.


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