Before the presentation of the Samsung the last few weeks, and the network appears more and more information about upcoming announcements of the company.

To Galaxy Note 9 get back a favorite of fans of color

Recently, the network got a commercial render the new flagship of Samsung. On the smartphone shown in dark blue color. A similar shade designers the company has used before and he is very fond of the public. Apparently, the Koreans decided not to disappoint his audience this time.

The new Galaxy Note is a giant battery

Fans of the series have long been asking for a Korean company to build a smartphone larger battery. But despite their requests, Samsung paid more attention to the design of the devices and not their characteristics. This time it will be different. According to rumors, the Galaxy Note 9 will be able to boast a massive battery capacity of 4000 mAh. For comparison, in the previous version, this value reached the level of 3000. But too early to rejoice. Branded stylus will connect to the device via Bluetooth, and therefore the amount of energy consumed will increase.

In addition to smartphone Korean Corporation will show unusual wireless charger

According to the latest data, in addition to the smartphone (and, perhaps, another tablet clock) Samsung will present an updated charger. One of the main features of the new charging will be the ability to put two devices. Such a move is very beneficial for the Korean company as its main competitor is still not able to finalize a similar product, announced a year ago.


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