Unique service!

Mobile operator Tele2 has launched a new completely free service “SOS” package, which will help the subscribers to stay connected even if the account has no money. Unique for the Russian market the service allows subscribers to continue to use the WhatsApp messenger and navigation applications “Yandex” at a zero balance. The service “SOS-package” does not require activation — it is automatically activated on all tariffs “My Tele2”.

Tele2 has decided to abandon the traditional blocking operators of Internet at zero balance. If the subscriber’s account runs out of money, then the room will automatically turn on free service “SOS” package. Option will allow subscribers to continue enjoy the following services:

  • the WhatsApp messenger,
  • the application “Yandex.Cards”
  • the application “Yandex.Navigator”,
  • the application “Yandex.Transport”.

The service is available in the home region and in travel to Russia. It is important to note that the rate of “My Tele2” service connected only for one day, and on all other tariffs — for three days.

Tele2 said that the launch of the service is associated with a stronger desire to take care of the subscribers. Quite often it happens that recharge to the correct time just not possible. Thanks to the “SOS” package, Tele2 subscribers will be left without the most important services in such a situation.

Source: Tele2.


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