When you create your smart speakers cupertinos focused on the sound quality. However, this led to the fact that the HomePod has turned out much more expensive competitors. Besides functionality, it is losing solutions from Amazon. In the end HomePod didn’t sell very well. However, network sources claim that Apple is working on a solution to this problem.

At the start of sales HomePod sold for $ 349. This price is kept long enough. However, last year kupertinovtsy HomePod reduced the price to $ 299. Discount column can be purchased even cheaper. However, all this has not led to significant sales growth.

According to sources, Apple is working on a drastic solution that should enable the company to strengthen its position in the market of smart speakers. This cupertinos want to release a more affordable version HoemPod.

In the past, the network has repeatedly appeared rumors about Apple’s plans to create HomePod Lite. However, according to the latest data, the announcement of a smaller version of the HomePod, which will cost significantly less than the original model, will take place this year.

Information about the technical characteristics of new items are now almost there. It is expected that the new Apple smart column will have a more compact size. This leads to the fact that it will sound not as good as the original HomePod.


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