Tell about new apps and major updates in the App Store, released last week.


One of the best photo editors for iOS received support for portrait pictures and updated design. Now the application displays two records. One to store photos made directly through Lightroom. The other to display the edited works.

Camera Lightroom has got the support of volume snapshots to create portraits with bokeh effect. While this is an experimental feature and to enable it you need to go to settings. It is likely that future updates will have specialized tools for editing these photos.


Popular in the past, task Manager, timers updated for the first time in many years. The program received full support for the iPhone X dark theme and significantly modified reminders. Every now inscribed in the tool case can be postponed at any time without even opening the app itself. The developers managed to build in notifications full keyboard with the option to specify which period you want to transfer a particular task.

Guitar Play

Unusual teach, like playing Guitar Hero. Unlike other similar apps, Guitar Play teaches things such as rhythm and timing in music and also trains coordination. In this program, you can gain a basic understanding of how the tool.

Also the application can find 40 popular songs performed on guitar and learn to play.


Analogue Tinder for notebook. Very handy app for those in the contact list of several hundred persons, half of whom already do not remember. The program’s interface is reminiscent of Tinder combined with Gemini (a utility for removing duplicates). Cinder shows cards with the names and numbers of contacts, and the user looks like the right to keep or left to delete.

Slide for Reddit

Free and very beautiful Reddit client. They are not so little, but this stands out unique visual style, simplicity and lack of advertising. Besides Slide sinhroniziruete favorite subreddits user, after which you can view even without Internet.


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