Tell about new apps and major updates in the App Store, released last week.


A little-known but high-quality player podcast has reached a new level with the option of uploading audio files from storage iCloud Drive. This means that in the Castro you can download limited edition and private podcasts, audiobooks, and even music. In fact, the developers repurpose their development into full-fledged universal player. Besides, free.


Manual camera Ben McCarthy received a larger version for the iPad with an adapted interface to control with one hand. Given the fact that the developers of Halide do not tend to adapt my app for tablets, Obscura can win a new audience. Besides, it is free to download from the us Apple Store app.

Overflow 3

Overflow is a utility for Mac that allows you to quickly launch favorite apps, go to frequently-visited sites quickly open files that you work with, and so on. In General, a universal tool to run everything.


Popular mobile MOBA in the last update got a new character, a hunter who sets traps and shoots with a crossbow. The game also has voice chat to communicate with their partners.


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