You should not believe. Alas.

Another portion of rumors about the much awaited smartphone iPhone SE 2 turned out to be false. Monday, February 4, various Russian and foreign media began to disseminate information about the detailed characteristics of the iPhone SE 2, which is allegedly preparing to launch. Understand the situation and found that, unfortunately for many fans of compact smartphones, these data are the fake.

According to disseminated information, iPhone SE 2 will come with a 4.2-inch display, processor Apple A11, 3 GB RAM, single camera and fingerprint scanner Touch ID. Similar features to iPhone SE 2 sounds quite plausible, but, alas, they are “taken from the ceiling”.

A rumor began to spread after the publication edition Tech Garage. Known in the Apple community designer Ben Gaskin’ve created the unusual concept of the iPhone SE 2. Based on his resource bloggers have written their expectations from a smartphone. We talked about that amazing concept iPhone SE 2 last week.

Despite the fact that bloggers Tech Garage repeatedly stressed that they write only on the possible characteristics and features of the iPhone SE 2, many of the media decided to make a “sensation”. So the Internet began to spread information about what iPhone SE 2 is really preparing to launch and receive is described in the feature article.

In fact, these data are the imagination of bloggers. The situation with iPhone SE 2, unfortunately, has not changed in 2019 — reliable no leaks.

There are only indirect hints from Apple, which last month was three times renewed official iPhone sales SE in your online store. If Apple is preparing iPhone and SE 2, the company will present at its March presentation.



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