Company Rostelecom-Solar has presented a new version of DLP system Solar Dozor. Among the key features are: fully updated agent to control the workstations, control, communications Viber, protection of confidential design documentation and support for ICAP traffic from different proxies.

The company SailPoint announced a cloud platform Predictive SailPoint Identity for user authentication. The decision automatiseret process identification using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Solution StorageCraft ShadowXafe designed to ensure the protection of data, regardless of source, whether internal systems, cloud, virtualization, VMware or Hyper-V, or computers and servers. The product copies the data to the public cloud, StorageCraft cloud storage or locally, which allows to recover information in the event of destruction.

Moogsoft AIOps platform based on artificial intelligence for IT operations, working on specially designed machine learning algorithms. The product is designed to identify and respond to security incidents. Release Moogsoft AIOps 7.2 has several new features that simplify the IT and DevOps teams, including tools to customize the algorithms, personalization and configuration of the platform in accordance with the requirements of the organizations.

Company AccessData Group has released a new version of AD Enterprise, designed to conduct internal investigations and analysis of data leakage. AD Enterprise version 7.1 has several new features, including support for parsing APFS (Apple File System) and nine of parsers for analyzing data from mobile devices.

Forensic from Russian developer “oxygen software” is a solution for computer and technical expertise, using advanced technology to access data in mobile devices from Chinese clones to the latest smartphones.

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