Last week Apple released iOS 13. Experts believe that the new version of the operating system will cause problems such Internet giants as Google and Facebook in their quest to collect user data.

From now on, iOS will show you how often your location is fixed and what apps are doing it.

The user will receive a pop-up message with details and a map showing the tracking of your location. It is also possible to prohibit or limit this activity.

Earlier many iOS apps have been able to follow your movements in the background, and you could even about it do not suspect. In the result, the program has collected huge amount of data, which were later used to display targeted advertising.

Another innovation in iOS is related to interaction with apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. Now and messenger services for calling forbidden to run in the background. Before such a program can collect information about users, even if they are not directly used.

Because users recently, more sensitive and conscious about the use of their data, there is a suspicion that the new features iOS 13 will have much taste.

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