How do you like the new color iPhone 9?

Anonymous insider posted a screenshot from the Apple website, which shows a 6.1-inch iPhone in 9 bright new colors. The model is presented on the site is entitled “iPhone 9” and is perfect for smartphones Apple, orange, and blue colors.

According to the insider, in the screenshot depicted a prerelease version of the Apple website that the company is preparing to update 12 Sep. It depicts iPhone 9 in a gray, red, orange and blue colors. The last two colors will be new for Apple.

Note that in the same orange and blue colors Apple has released cases for the iPhone. Earlier, several sources claimed that Apple will release iPhone 9 new bright colours to attract buyers. Moreover, analysts reported about the release of the iPhone 9 is just the same in orange and blue colors.

Thus, it is possible that the source is really reliable shared a screenshot of a pre-release Apple website.

The presentation of the iPhone 9 and the flagship iPhone Xs and Xs iPhone Max will take place on September 12. The event starts at 20:00 Moscow time. Don’t miss our direct text broadcast of the presentation!

Source: Slashleaks.


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