Media reported that the iPhone that Apple will release in 2020, will receive a 5G chip from Qualcomm. This is the most advanced solution on the market.

Information is divided into the newspaper Nikkei. We are talking about Qualcomm X55. The peak download speed it is 7 GB/s, and return — 3 GB/s. it is Reported that the chip will work in conjunction with new single-chip system Apple under the code name A14 Bionic. A feature of the platform is that it will be made at 5-nm process.

In the future, Apple will likely move to its own modems. While development is either not ready, or cannot provide all of the required amount. It is known that Apple plans to sell in the period from September 2020 until the end of 2020, 80 million devices.

For registration used photo Nikkei

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