Apple is preparing something revolutionary.

Apple plans to incorporate in all your devices new features, based on which will form of artificial intelligence technology. Today it became known that at the beginning of the year, Apple has seriously expanded the team that is developing artificial intelligence technologies. In particular, Apple has acquired companies like Silk Labs to create software with artificial intelligence to consumer devices.

The company Silk Labs, there are some important developments, but the main one is a system that enables functions based on artificial intelligence to work locally on the devices. The system enables various new features to work faster and not require the Internet connection.

It is expected that Apple absorbed Labs Silk to create brand new features for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. The company is making a big bet on artificial intelligence technology, every year and greatly expanding the development team of new features.

However, what functions is it currently unknown. All projects are Apple related to artificial intelligence are classified. Even information about purchasing the Apple company Labs Silk was published almost a year after purchase.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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