I hope Apple will not abandon this venture.

iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook next generations to be much stronger than their predecessors. Displays devices will protect from scratches and other damage material that is several times stronger than glass. This is evidenced by recent Apple patent.

According to the document, displays of electronic devices are planning to be protected using synthetic sapphire. This is one of the hardest materials in the world — it is only harder than diamond. Apple notes that conventional displays with a coating of toughened glass Gorilla Glass or similar easily damaged. They snap and crack when knocked or dropped, then the user cannot use the device.

Apple offers the use of polished glass instead of artificial sapphire. It can be given the form required to meet smartphone, tablet and other electronic devices. Probably using new material you want to protect OLED panel used in the iPhone also the iPad displays, Apple Watch and MacBook next generation. This will make the products safer and protect users from costly repairs in case of breakage.

As in the case of other Apple patents, it’s hard to say when Apple will begin using the new technology. The patent portfolio of the manufacturer of many useful inventions, but most of them only have on paper.

Source: AWT


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