At the moment, already known almost all the technical features of the new iPhone. However, analysts at Citi Research believe that Apple can still surprise people. In particular, experts believe that the new Apple smartphone will support Apple Pencil.

Rumors that the iPhone will learn to work with a proprietary stylus Apple appear not for the first time. Typically, this is reported by different sources in preparation for the launch of new smartphones. For example, in 2017, such a rumor appeared a few weeks before the release of the iPhone X, and in 2018 shortly before the official announcement of the iPhone Xs Max. It seems that this year the experts decided not to “ruin” tradition.

It should be noted that certain allusions to the advent of iPhone Apple support Pencil is still there. In the past Apple has received several patents, which describe a reduced version of the original Apple stylus. It is assumed that the latter is designed specifically for smartphones.

In addition to information about support Apple Pencil analysts at Citi Research also told about other features of the iPhone 2019. In particular, they reported that the new Apple smartphones should receive a more capacious battery, better front camera, and the successors to the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max – main camera with three lenses.

In General, if not to take into account information about stylus support, experts at Citi Research not told about the iPhone 2019 is nothing new. All of this information was online before. However, it is worth considering that analysts Citi Research spetsializiruyutsya mainly in the Finance and sales and rarely make predictions about future products.


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